The meaning of Vastu is dwelling or house, a real estate, a home for human and God, which comes up with a long term asset approach. This concept of Vastu Shastra has been perfectly developed on a traditional view on how the laws of nature effect human dwellings. We are successfully providing you solutions regarding all type of Vast-problems. We are one of the leading Vastu consultants with out demolishing the property. We have been successfully provided Vastu solutions for Residences, Mulch-storied Residential projects, Offices, Shops, Hotels & restaurants, Beauty parlors, Poly clinics, Nursing homes and many big and small industries like Cement, Plywood, Tea, coke, Induction Furnace, Plants, Iron & steel plant, mills and many more.

Vastu Shastra is based on the effects of various energies like solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy etc. A perfect Vastu Solution can balance these energies to enhance peace and prosperity in your life.

  • Brings more money to your business and property.
  • Effective for CXO and senior officers
  • Improve concentration and leadership for decision makers
  • Fix your office entrance Vastu problems.
  • Correct Vastu dosh
  • Helps in process activation
  • Project completion
  • Investment/residential/industrial/commercial property activation
  • Process activation

Luck and Fortune:
  • Bring money and fame
  • open up new scopes
Money & Finance
  • Brings wealth and assets
Energy & Vitality:
  • Increase your overall energy
  • One stop solution for health and wealth
Business and Career:
  • Recommend higher education
  • Boost your career and solve job problems

Swastik Gold, Pyramid”

  • An auspicious symbol of fortune and wellness
  • Brings peace, prosperity, success at home and workplace
  • Very effective for sales and cash counter
Feng Shui Live Green wealth:
  • Source of prosperity
  • Brings blessings, growth and compatible relationship
Vastu Mercury Businesses:
  • Assure materialistic gain
  • increase physical fitness
  • Brings money & success to business Marriage Pyramid:
  • Helps to find your soul mate
  • Attracts the cosmic link of your partners
Crystals And Metal Yantra
  • Develops your interpersonal skills
  • Save you from interpersonal and environmental harmony
  • Growth in career with prosperity
Education Pyramid:
  • Solution for Children' study
  • Increase concentration of your child
  • Helps to gain better knowledge.

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